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www.babakhatushyam.com is the latest and best devotional website which is serving for Khatu Shyam Ji and his devotees. We have furnished here, with the complete awareness about Morvi Nandan in the process of promoting Khatu Shyam Bhakti. We heartly feel that,it is impossible without Shyam Sarkar's blessings We feel prestigious to ourselves, since we are capable of serving for Shree Khatu Naresh and his devotees.

Although,there are many temples of Shree Khatu Shyam Ji but his World Famous Main Temple is situated in Village Khatu,District Seekar,Rajasthan. Phalguna Festival Mela is the most famous mela of Shree Shyam Ji, which is usually Celebrated for five days , in the month of Phalguna according to hindi punchang close to Holi Festival.

Many of the devotees are still less aware of Shyam Ji. They are aware of his name only without any knowledge like Who is him ? Why People worship him ? Why is he called Sheesh Ka Daani (The Donor of Head) ? Let us know more about our Shyam Sarkar.

As per the Hindu Religion, the legend of Khatu Shyam Ji begins with the Mahabharat. He was earlier known as Barbarika, the Grand son of powerful, Brave, Mace - Holder(Gadadhari) Bhima and son of Ghatotkacha and Snake-Girl Morvi. He learnt the art of warfare from his mother and Shree Krishna. He pleaded Lord Shiva,by his austerity and got the three infalliable arrowas(Teen Baan). Hence, Barbarika got another appellation 'Teen Baan Dhari', the 'Bearer of Three Arrows'.

It was the period,when the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas became imminent. As soon as, he came to know about the battle,he felt the urge to participate in the battle. He visited to his mother for permission and blessings where he promised that he would join the side which would be defeated in the battle. Hence, he is known as the 'Hare Ka Sahara' (Support of the Defeated).

As Soon as, Barbarika reached into the Mahabharat Battle, Shree Krishna stopped him to ask whom would he join. Barbarika replied that he would join the side whichever is week. Shree Krishna knew the consequences of the words of Barbarika to his mother. He was aware of the phenomenal powers of Barbarika who had the caliberity of destroying opponent's whole army, by a single arrow.

Shree Krishna was well awared of the fact that Kauravas would lose , and if Barbarika would support the week side,Kauravas would win the battle.Hence,Krishna avoided his participation in the war. He disguised as a brahmin and asked Barbarika's head in charity. Barbarika sniffed Krishna's intent and requested the brahmin to disclose his real identity.

Krishna came into his real apperance and explained to him the reason of asking his head for the worship of battlefield by sacrificing the head of the bravest Kshatriya . Barbarika disclosed his great desire to Krishna to view the forthcoming battle. Shree Krishna granted his wish to fulfill and placed his head on the top of a hill.

After watching the whole battle, victorious Pandavas asked Barbarika's head who was responsible for their victory. Barbarika's head replied that it was Shree Krishna who was alone responsible for Pandava's Victory in Mahabharat Battle.

Shree Krishna being pleased with his great sacrifice,gave Barbarika blessing that he would be known as Shyam' in Kaliyuga and called Shree Khatu Shyam as well. Devotees who pray and visit Khatu Shyam Temple heartily are blessed with happiness and prosperity in their lives.

How To Reach Khatu Shyam Ji

Ringas Khatu Dham

All the Indian and Foreigner devotees are heartily welcomed in Khatu Nagari. The nearest railway station to reach Khatu Nagari is Ringas Junction. It is situated at a distance of 18 km from Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. After de- boarding, on Ringas Station, you may reach to Khatu Shyam Temple by Bus or Taxi .

Jaipur to Ringas Khatu Dham
Main Gate Khatu Dham

Main Gate Khatu Dham

The Huge and Incredible Main Entrance Gate is situated at some distance before Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. It is well adorned by ancient artwork over it. It took around 4-5 years in the establishment of this gate. This gate is also known as Khatu Shyam Gate.

Shyam Kund Khatu Dham

Shyam Kund and Shyam Vatika are best places to visit in Khatu Dham for Shyam Devotees. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy water of Shyam Kund, fulfills all the wishes of true devotees of Khatu Shyam Ji. There are separate Kunds for men and women devotees according to their convenience. People bring the holy water of shyam kund to cure several diseases

Shyam Kund Khatu Dham
Khatu Shyam Mandir

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

There are many beautiful temples of Khatu Shyam Ji in India but the main, eye pleasing and prodigious temple is situated in Sikar District of Rajasthan. It is made up of white marble (MakranaSangmarmar). It looks mesmerizing . Millions of devotees around the world, visit KhatuShyamJi Temple daily. There is a very good arrangement for the comfort of devotees. There are plenty of Hotels and good parking facilities made available for devotees in Khatu Dham.